4 Myths about International E-Commerce

ShopifyE-commerce business is making it easier to sell and buy products online. You can easily connect and interact with customers all over the world while sitting on your couch. Several international e-commerce platforms provide virtual stores through which you can trade your products. They manage your website while giving you up-to-date information and reports about your sales and traffic. However, international e-commerce has its share of myths and misconceptions which can prevent you from successfully selling online. Let’s have a clear view of the myths:

An international e-commerce platform can make you draft a sketchy site

Most of the entrepreneurs fail to succeed in global e-commerce because they believe that a designer is the only one who can create a professional website. They, therefore, end up spending a lot of money to hire a reliable one.  Some of these professionals can create a great site but forget to include advanced features. With this, you can hinder the growth of your site. To avoid getting into this situation, you need to consider using an international e-commerce platform. Most of the platforms come with features that will enhance the functionality of your website.

Content marketing is not essential in international e-commerce

This statement is wrong. You need to tell your target customers more about your products by writing blogs about them. Optimizing keywords in marketing content can bring massive traffic to your store. Indeed, more traffic translates to higher chances of making sales.

International commerce platforms have automatic traffic

Most online merchants believe that there is a guarantee to drive traffic as long as you have an e-commerce platform hosting your virtual store. The reality is that you will need to work more to get significant traffic in your store. Active advertising and captivating blogs are among the ways to generate traffic. Also, ensures that you optimize your website content to increase its ranking and conversion in online searches.

Small businesses can’t sell internationally

E-commerce business involves both large and small businesses. Thus, it does not mean that with a small business you will not get an opportunity to go globally. There are great international e-commerce platforms that care for both small and enterprise business. Hence, you need not to worry about selling to international customers. As long as you advertise well, optimize your marketing content and provide excellent customer care, you are good to go.


 Shipping goods internationally may seem cumbersome. However, with an international e-commerce platform, the tasks may be more manageable.  It comes with advanced features that will help you to manage your business automatically.